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Liverpool and London

DAY 5: We had a super early start, because we had to catch a ferry to Holyhead, Wales. From Holyhead, we drove to Liverpool, but first made a stop at the place with the longest name in the world; Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch! I promise this is the real name and I didn’t just fall asleep on my keyboard! We only stopped here for a bathroom break, but it’s still totally worth bragging about! After driving a little while longer, we got to Liverpool. Liverpool was such a sweet surprise!! It felt so young and vibrant, which was strange because many buildings there are A-listed. This means they’re historically and/or architecturally important, and have remained nearly the same since they were built. Our first few hours there were free time, so a group of us got dinner and explored the city. We all met up again at The Cavern Club later that night (where The Beatles got discovered!!). With me being a huge fan of live music, this was an absolute blast and definitely another highlight of the trip. IMG_6244We were allowed to leave whenever we wanted, so a group of us busted out early to try and find this bar that used to be a church. After getting lost a few times, we found it in what seemed to be a pretty sketchy area, oops! We went inside to find that we were extremely underdressed and barely anyone was there, so we left right away and went back to the hostel. It was worth the try! IMG_4982

DAY 6: I was so sad that our time in Liverpool was already over, but we were moving on to one of my favorite places next; London! After a fairly quick train ride, we arrived. It felt so good to be back! We spent this day just walking around the city and learning how to use the tube.

DAY 7: A scenic bus tour of the city was scheduled for this morning, but having already been to London, myself and two others (s/o Audrey and Allison) decided to pass on that and go our own way. One of the goals for that day was to find the view of the city from Hampstead Heath, so we went there first. After walking around for about an hour, we stumbled upon it, but the view was much more distant than we thought it would be. We didn’t really have a plan for the rest of the day, so we got lunch and decided what to do next. Our lunch stop was only one tube stop away from Abbey Road (where The Beatles got their famous album cover), so we went there next. Abbey Road did not disappoint! Still without a plan, we headed back to the more central area of London, and sat in a super cute coffee shop to recharge ourselves and our phones. We ended up eating dinner at Nando’s before I met back up with everyone else for the pub crawl, and Audrey and Allison went to a play. I wasn’t back at our hotel all day, so I was carrying my backpack around the pub/club crawl, LOL! IMG_5040

DAY 8: Exhausted from the night before, some of us got up early to take a half-day trip to Oxford University. Oxford was absolutely stunning and so worth the exhaustion! I’m disappointed in myself for not trying harder in high school. I’d go to Oxford in a heartbeat! We walked around,  learned about some of the history and traditions of the university, saw where some scenes of the Harry Potter movies were shot and went inside Christ Church college. PLEASE, PLEASE GO INSIDE IF YOU GET THE CHANCE. I was emotionally moved by the beauty of the chapel inside Christ Church college. I’m not joking when I say I walked in and started crying. It will hit you so hard if you’re someone who practices religion. Later that night, a few of us went to Platform 9 & 3/4, then ate dinner in Chinatown before going back to our hotel.IMG_5091

DAY 9: We only had a half-day in London, so we ate Nando’s for lunch and went to Spitalfield Market to make some unnecessary purchases (When in London, right??).  That evening, we boarded an overnight ferry to Amsterdam, which was essentially just a mini cruise ship. IMG_5130

NEXT STOP: Amsterdam!!

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