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DAY 10: Our overnight ferry docked in Amsterdam around 7AM. Since we couldn’t check in to the hostel that early, we dropped our luggage off, got some coffee, then went out to explore the city a little. Our first stop was the “I Amsterdam” sign, but being a popular tourist attraction, the pictures we got weren’t great. The next stop was lunch, with a preceding mission to find some stroopwaffels. After finding stroopwaffels and walking around Amsterdam for a bit, we went back to the hostel to check into our rooms and rest a bit. Later that night was a walking tour of the Red Light District. After the walk, it was time for dinner, so a few of us decided to try Argentinian food in Rembrandt Square. (Story time: This Argentinian restaurant gave us cough drops as “candy” at the end of our meal. LOL!) But seriously, who knew Argentinian food was so good?? I’m usually not one for eating meat, but oh my!! Argentinian food is a must-try!!IMG_5177

Day 11: TRAVEL HACK: If you want a picture by the ‘I Amsterdam’ sign without a thousand other tourists in it, wake up at 6AM and go get pictures!! As much of a struggle as it was to wake up that early, it was so worth once we got there and got tons of cool pictures. (We ran into a couple taking wedding photos too! Too cute!) IMG_5190Later on, lunch was at the Hard Rock Cafe before proceeding to the Van Gogh Museum. Seeing Van Gogh’s work in real life, and some of his used paint brushes and palettes, was an absolute dream. We ended the night with a cruise on the canals. The canal cruise ended up turning into a drunken cruise (oops), but it was tons of fun nonetheless! Dutch tradition says that captains always have to kiss the women upon exiting the boat. Luckily, the captain was super cute, and he even complimented my hair that night (heart eyes). It was a great end to our last day in Amsterdam!IMG_5168



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