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Travel Playlist

Here’s a list of some of my favorite songs on my travel playlist on Spotify! Click on the words “travel playlist” at the top or bottom of this post to see the full playlist!

*Disclaimer: These songs/artists are in no particular order and I love all of them equally.

  1. Happy As The Sun- Tyrone Wells – This is one of those feel-good songs that’ll brighten your mood no matter how your day is going! With a name like that, I’d hope it would make me happy!
  2. Living Louder- The Cab – This song makes you question what you’re doing with your life. Are you really living?  If not, this song will motivate you to get up and at it!
  3. Catch and Release (Deepend Remix)- Matt Simons, Deepend – The lyrics in this song perfectly describe what it’s like to have a passion for travel. “There’s a place I go to where no one knows me, It’s not lonely, It’s a necessary thing.” “Take me on to the place where one reviews life’s mystery.”
  4. Pumpin’ Blood- NONONO – This one reminds you what it’s like feel alive, something I sometimes forget. I frequently find myself just going through the motions day to day. It’s so easy to get caught up in school and work! This song reminds me to take some time for myself and the people/things I love.
  5. How Far I’ll Go- Auli’i Cravalho – This one is from the Moana soundtrack! I LOVE this song because I relate to it so much! Sometimes I’m judged for traveling rather than saving money for important things like a car, school, etc. The more people tell me I shouldn’t go, the stronger my desire to leave.
  6. Wonderwall- Oasis – This one is a classic. It really has nothing to with traveling, but this was basically the theme song for my last trip. We heard it E V E R Y W H E R E we went. Now when I hear it, memories come flooding back. Are Europeans obsessed with this song or was it just coincidence that we literally heard it everywhere?
  7. into the wild- Lewis Watson – “And at the drop of a hat, I could leave almost everything that I’ve ever known, so here we go” That’s basically what I’m doing when I jet off to Thailand for four months this summer. (I’m getting so excited, but so nervous. SOS!)
  8. On The Run- Corey Harper – Sometimes when I book trips, it feels like I’m running from some people and problems. When I actually start traveling, I remember why I do what I do. Travel is my passion. I feel happiest when I’m thousands of miles away from home.

Here’s the link to my travel playlist!

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Stephanie (aka Global Word Nerd)


4 thoughts on “Travel Playlist

  1. These are some great songs and thank you for introducing me to some new ones. You have also inspired me on creating a travel playlist, I cannot I do not have one.
    Beautiful photo, did you snap it?

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