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Hooray for Vacay!

My semester of teaching started out with an 11-day vacation, lucky me!!

Vacation started in Phuket, where we visited some temples and walked around a bit. Phuket was where my first impression of Thailand would come from, and sadly, I was not impressed. Maybe it was my exhaustion from flying, but it seemed a bit run down and extremely touristy. Our last day there, we took a speedboat to a few different places, including the well-known Maya Bay, Monkey Beach, and Phi Phi Islands. This was absolutely my favorite part of Phuket! We met a few other Americans aboard the speedboat too! The fresh fruit smoothies and the temples won my heart, at least temporarily!!

After Phuket came Koh Lanta, and OH MY LANTA this has been my favorite so far, bugs and all! Koh Lanta is extremely small, and not at all touristy. We started our week with a 4.5 mile hike to a waterfall. Was it tiring? Yes. Worth it? Not really, at least not in my opinion. I was  expecting the waterfall to be much larger than it was (oops.) The next day we rented mopeds, which was terrifying. Luckily, the person driving mine was extremely familiar with them and knew what she was doing. I was too much of a wimp to drive my own. We ended each night in Koh Lanta by watching the sunset on the beach. I’m a big nerd for sunrises and sunsets, so this is what won my heart most, but I was also a major fan of the overall vibe of the island. Everyone was laid back and everything was super low key. I also highly enjoyed the monkeys and giant lizards crossing the roads. Although I was sad to leave Koh Lanta, I was excited to see the next location, Krabi.

Krabi was a good mix between Phuket and Koh Lanta. It was busy and touristy, but not quite as busy as Phuket. I had some mishaps here that I won’t share, but all I’ll say is it wasn’t pretty, and I hate being a woman sometimes.  On the plus side, we ate loads of rolled ice cream and met very attractive British guys at our hostel, and the hostel provided free “BBQ” every night! The only productive thing I did here was hike Tiger Cave Temple. We woke up at 3:30AM, got a ride there, and started hiking by 5AM, so we were at the top for sunrise. Would I ever climb the 1,237 steps again? Maybe, but I have no desire to do it anytime soon. Krabi was also full of sunsets on the beach.

We’re still technically in Krabi, but we changed hotels, and decided to make the last few days of our trip relaxing and luxurious. I’m writing this post from a lounge chair next to an infinity pool, at a resort on Railay Beach, and I’m staring up at the palm trees and the mountainous jungle in front of me, and wondering how I got here. I’m so thankful for God and his plans for me. I’m absolutely in love with my life and the direction it’s headed in. And while this vacation has been incredible, I’m happy it’s ending. I’ve found myself constantly pushing my limits on this vacation, in a good way, but I’m ready to have a routine and a home base.

Teaching starts soon! Wish me luck!

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