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Tiger Cave Temple

A few things you need to know about Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, Thailand: there are a lot of monkeys, you WILL be exhausted after (unless you’re in extremely good physical shape and can climb 1,237 steps with ease?), and there are tons of stray dogs that (can) get aggressive.IMG_0561

So, as far as tips go:

  1. Bring water. More than you think you’ll need! I promise you’ll drink it.
  2. Wake up super duper early and go. Like, SUPER early. We woke up at 3:30AM, caught a ride there at 4, and hiked up in time to catch the sunrise. It helps with the heat. (Warning: it’s super creepy with all the stray dogs in the pitch black night.)
  3. That brings me to the next tip. If you go that early, bring a flashlight. The steps are super uneven and it could potentially be a very dangerous situation if you’re climbing them in the dark. The only perk of the stray dogs following us all the way up was that the monkeys avoided us.
  4. If you bring snacks, be aware of the monkeys. They CAN open your backpack and they WILL steal your snacks.
  5. Most blog posts I’ve seen about Tiger Cave Temple tell you to cover up, and make sure your shoulders and knees are covered when you start the hike, because you have to walk through the temple. However, this wasn’t the case for us. We saw the temple, but had to walk in the opposite direction to start the trek to the top. There was a sign that I could see from the entrance of the temple that said “Tiger Cave Temple” and had an arrow pointing to where to go, but it was opposite the direction we went. So, my suggestion is to stay covered, but personally, I had no problem with that. Sarongs are available to rent too, but not at 4AM.

Tiger Cave Temple is definitely a must-do once in your life, so add it to your bucket list! Would I ever do it again? Maybe if I trained for it, but I’m too out of shape at the moment to just be like “HECK YEAH, LET’S GO DO IT AGAIN!”

Also, my favorite part about going so early was that no one else was there. This meant that there was no rush to get to the top, and I didn’t feel terrible about myself anytime I had to take breaks, because I didn’t have groups of people passing me every time I stopped.

If you go, remember to have fun and take breaks if you need them! Self care and hydration are important all the time, but especially when you’re dealing with the Thailand heat.


Global Word Nerd aka “Teacha Fef ” aka Stephanie


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