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The Adventure Continues…

Week 5 of teaching already?!

There have been many ups and many downs in my Thailand experience so far. Even through the downs, I couldn’t help but laugh and appreciate them because they made me a stronger person.

The most stressful week of this experience thus far took place a few weeks ago.

A few things that happened:

  1. One of the directors of the program I’m with came here for a mid-semester visit. Bad? No. Stressful? Yes.
  2. We attempted to start a new and more fluid schedule after the visit, and it didn’t work. This added more stress.
  3. A pipe broke somewhere, and we went without water for two days. No water means no showers, and we still had school. Yay for being smelly in a super hot country!!
  4. I made my favorite student cry and it BROKE MY HEART. He bit someone, so I (obviously) scolded him and he started crying!!! Ugh. Kids.
  5. To top it all off, I was feeling homesick.

I started crying after school that Friday, partially because of a troublesome student, but partially because I was so thankful the week was over.

My favorite moment teaching by far happened just a few days ago. It’s always a good day when the kids are engaged, but they were engaged to a whole new level during one of my lessons this week. I was teaching “Games”. The lesson I had planned involved noises, so I’d have the kids close their eyes, I’d make a noise with one of the items, and I’d have them try to choose which item it was. I made things a little trickier at one point, and hit a drumstick on my metal water bottle. For some reason, the kids LOVED this noise. They started dancing every time I’d hit my water bottle, so obviously I started dancing too. It turned into a little dance party, and it was truly the cutest, most precious moment I’ve ever experienced. It was for sure a moment of true and genuine happiness that will be in my heart for a long time to come.

I am so excited to have more of these precious moments throughout the rest of the semester, because they far outweigh the bad ones. Even the little things, like hugs at the end of class, make my days so much brighter.

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