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Goals for 2019

Until this past year, I was never one to write down my goals or to-do’s. I’ve discovered that writing them down increases my productivity, so below I’ll be listing some of my goals for 2019. There’s no need to read this blog post if you’re not interested. This one is more for me/my future self. 🙂

  1. Start school in England!!! – Life update: I’ve recently applied to a few schools in England, and my hope is to start school there in the fall! I’ve only recently applied, so it’ll take a few months for me to hear back, but cross your fingers for me!
  2. Continue healthy habits – Since moving back home and with the busyness of the holidays, I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit. When I lived on my own, I exercised 6 days a week, hydrated myself each day, and successfully stayed on a diet for a length of time. I hope to get back into those healthy habits and stick with them for an even longer length of time.
  3. Read more – When I was young, I read A LOT. (I was reading Harry Potter books on my own by 3rd grade!) Now? Not at all! I miss it! Comment your favorite books below! I’ll be needing some suggestions.
  4.  Become a better blogger – I’d like to dedicate more time to blogging and planning out my posts on social media. All of my social media posts are unplanned, and I don’t use it for promoting my blog as much as I probably should. I’d love to be even more consistent with my blogging, and MAYBE start posting 2 times a week! The traffic on my blog has increased greatly from last year, but I’d be thrilled to increase my numbers even more. Lastly, I’d love to be nominated for a UK Blog Award!! Hopefully I can start making money off of my blog or doing partnerships/giveaways/sponsorships too. My dreams are big and it’ll take a lot of hard work, I know, but I’m so excited for this year to come! I’m ready to put in the time and do the work!

What are your goals for 2019? Comment below!


3 thoughts on “Goals for 2019

  1. Hey Stephanie – I recently connected with you on one of the Travel threads. I am doing the rounds to check out the blogs of all the bloggers I connected with.
    I am also someone who doesnt really make yearly goals though I do choose a WOTY which helps me to focus on the things I am doing in the year.
    I wish you all the best with the school applications and look forward to connecting more with you. Ciao

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