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An Introvert Out of Her Comfort Zone

The other day, my brother called me “dependent but independent”. He called me dependent, because I used to not have my own car and frequently asked him for rides. And socially, I’m not great at making conversation, so sometimes I’ll rely on other people to start the conversation. I’m a big introvert. He called me independent, because I’ve been to a number of countries on my own and have had no problem making friends and socializing while I’m there.

I’ve had this conversation with many people. They wonder how I could be so introverted, but love being so far out of my comfort zone in traveling. To be honest, I never have an answer. I wish I did, but I don’t really understand it myself. It’s not something that I can control.

Usually, I start by explaining that traveling brings out a different side of me. I feel like a different person when I travel. Traveling inspires me! It excites me! Maybe it’s because I don’t know anyone in these countries and I feel more liberated by that? I feel more free to be me?

It’s my goal to live in England someday, so people also ask: What’s wrong with your hometown? Don’t you like it there? And the answer is both yes and no. Of course I’ll always have a soft spot for my hometown. I was born and raised there. However, my dreams are far too big to live there for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine and don’t want to imagine living there for that long. I don’t even feel like I belong in Ohio, to be honest. Deep in my heart I know there’s nothing here for me (aside from my family of course).

I think when someone’s passionate enough and excited about something, they don’t necessarily become extroverted, but that passion and excitement takes over every inch of their being.  They no longer need to put in that extra energy to socialize, because that energy is put toward their excitement.

Are you an introvert that loves being out of your comfort zone? Why do you think I become a different person when I travel? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “An Introvert Out of Her Comfort Zone

  1. I completely understand this. I feel like I’m something of the same – I feel so different when in traveling and it’s like my anxiety towards new people and crowds just vanishes – I feel so happy and inspired when I’m on the move. X

  2. I have no idea! It is almost like I have no anxt because I’m never going to see any of the people ever again so maybe that’s what makes it easier for me… like it doesn’t matter if they hate me or think badly of me 🤔…

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