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Practicing Healthy Habits While Traveling

Do you ever go on vacation and feel like you’ve gained 10 lbs. by the time you come back? I certainly have! It’s so easy to indulge when you’re in an unusual setting and get knocked off of your usual routine. Listed below are a few easy ways to keep you feeling healthier during your travels (or even in your everyday life)!


Workout Videos

With the internet and social media these days, it’s so easy to have access to workout videos that you can do literally anywhere. A few of my favorite workouts come from the Danielle Peazer Method (DPM) by Danielle Peazer. Being a dancer, a lot of Danielle’s workouts are dance-based, which actually makes working out FUN! (Yes, I just said working out is fun! Who knew that was even possible?!) With videos focusing on different areas of the body and different difficulty levels, there is truly something for everyone! I LOVE starting out my mornings with one or two of her videos. It always makes for a better, more productive day! (You can find her videos on Youtube or



Not only does walking to your destinations save money, but oftentimes, I’ve found that walking is one of the best ways to get to know a city! You’ll get up close and personal with the shops and the locals, and (if you’re lucky) you’ll stumble upon a hidden gem that otherwise, you may have never found! 



Attend A Local Gym/Fitness Class

So many gyms offer free passes/classes for first-time visitors (or a pay-as-you-go membership if you’re willing to spend money)! All it takes is a bit of research to find out which ones. It’s a great way to meet locals, especially if you’ll be in one location for awhile. I recently attended Danielle Peazer’s free class at Fitness First Bishopsgate in London, in honor of International Women’s Day. I had so much fun, met so many lovely ladies, and felt so welcomed (which can be an unexpected feeling in a gym sometimes)! Thank you to Danielle, Fitness First, and Reebok for being such wonderful hosts!

Photographer: Gary Morrisroe


Stay Hydrated

Last but not least, drink water!!! It’s amazing how much better staying hydrated will make you feel! This is a habit that’s proven difficult for me while traveling, but I try my best!

I’m no doctor or health expert, but those are a few healthy habits that I practice while traveling, that make me feel good. It can be so easy to forget/avoid taking caring of yourself while traveling, but it’s so so important! Don’t forget to listen to your body, because it always knows exactly what we need, whether that be rest or more gelato. 😉

Have you tried any of these tips? What are some ways you stay fit while traveling? Comment below!


Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. As you know, I will only ever share/promote brands that I wholeheartedly love and support. DPM is one of them.

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