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Hey!! About time I got a blog post up, am I right? LOL! So, Dublin… where do I begin?!

After what seemed like FOREVER, it was finally time to drop everything and go halfway across the world with a bunch of strangers. (I’m insane, I know.) The goodbyes were hard, but I was so ready for what was to come! I arrived at Cleveland International Airport with a suitcase, a backpack, a small sense of panic, and a ton of excitement. I met up with two girls that were also going on this trip (shoutout to Abby and Molly)! We ended up quickly bonding in panic, because our first flight got delayed and our layover in Atlanta was only an hour. Luckily, we got to Atlanta with a few minutes to spare and sprinted to our next flight. We were still the last ones on the plane, but at least we made it!!

*Fast forward 7 hours*

Day 2: We finally arrived in Dublin, and met up with others from our group before going to our first hostel. On the drive to the hostel, I was unimpressed and slightly disappointed with Dublin. For some reason, I always pictured it to be more green, and less industrial and city-like. But after getting out and exploring, I quickly grew to love it. The first day wasn’t too eventful. We walked around the city a bit and had dinner in the Temple Bar area. I was absolutely exhausted and ended up in bed by 8:30PM.


DAY 3:  We started our day with a quick stop at Phoenix Park, before going to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Even if you’re not a history buff, St. Patrick’s Cathedral is worth going to for the stain-glass windows alone! They’re absolutely stunning! Next stop; Grafton street for a quick bite to eat before heading to Glendalough. Glendalough, located inside Wicklow National Park, is drowned in history and postcard-worthy views. We walked a few trails here and got some incredible pictures before heading back to Dublin. The last stop for the day was at the Guinness Storehouse. We walked through the museum part of it fairly quickly, because the “Gravity Bar” (7th floor views of Dublin with a free pint of Guinness) was scheduled to close shortly after we got there. I’m not very fond of beer in general, but I ended up finishing the pint, because let’s be honest, the Irish would never let me back in their country again if I didn’t. We walked back to the hostel, I grabbed a quick dinner at a nearby grocery store, and sat in Smithfield Square, so appreciative of my life in that moment. 


DAY 4: If you’re ever in Dublin, I HIGHLY recommend taking a Paddywagon Tour to the Cliffs of Moher. While the trip does take up most of the day, you get to see so much of Ireland in a short amount of time. Our first stop was a small town called Kinvara, known for their hookers (boats) and angry locals. I fell on my butt trying to get some cute photos here, but it’s okay because I got hilarious (and obviously memorable) ones instead, as you can see.


I don’t know the official name of our next stop, because our bus driver kept calling it the “Not-Quite Cliffs of Moher,” but it was a cute little set of cliffs nonetheless. Once again, we were only here for a few minutes, just to get some photos. The following stop was at a small village called Doolin, where locals aren’t often seen during the day, because they’re up all night drinking beer and playing traditional Irish music in the pubs. I’d love to go back someday just to see the nightlife! This was just a lunch stop, so we weren’t here for long, but I must make it known that I had THE BEST Irish stew I’ve ever eaten in this little village! The final stop was a moment I’d been waiting for my entire life: the Cliffs of Moher! (Tip: If you’re prone to carsickness, bring a plastic bag and/or medicine. These roads were not easy to ride on, especially after eating lunch!) When we arrived, it was extremely foggy, so I didn’t get too many great pictures, but simply being able to see the cliffs in person took my breath away. It was so surreal to me and something I’d been waiting for for such a long time! Sadly, our time there had to end at some point, and it was time to head back to Dublin. Once arriving back in the city, I got Nando’s for dinner and went back to the hostel. Eating Nando’s was also a huge moment for me, for reasons that only One Direction fans would understand. 😉  

This day, our last one in Ireland, could not have been more perfect!


NEXT STOP: Wales, Liverpool, and London!

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