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Day 15: We had a short train ride from Paris to Switzerland. It was totally fine until we found out we only had 3 minutes to unload 30+ people and their luggage! Talk about stressful!!! I’ve never seen a group of people work so fast together! We all made it off of the train safely, and with all of our luggage, thankfully! We loaded the bus and had a quick ride to Lucerne. Our first stop was to see the lesser known lion monument! IMG_5372There was a little bit of time to shop around for souvenirs, but it was Sunday so most shops weren’t open. We were going to Lucerne the next day as well, so this was just a quick visit to give us a sneak peak of the city.

Travel days are always the most exhausting. I was expecting/hoping to fall asleep on the hour long bus ride to Engelberg, where we were staying. This bus ride was the moment I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with this country!! Growing up in Ohio and not really traveling to other states, I’d never seen mountains before that moment! I’d never seen anything like them, and couldn’t look away! I was actually slightly disappointed when the bus ride ended, if I’m being honest. Arriving in Engelberg, it looked a ghost town! It’s known for its ski resorts, but we were there in the summer, obviously their off-season. It ended up being a nice change of pace since we’d been in big cities everyday before then. Engelberg had the cleanest, freshest, most crisp air I’ve ever breathed and the cleanest water I’ve ever drank! I had honestly never felt more refreshed. We took a quick walking tour to get to know the area after checking into the hostel. A few of us saw a lake on our ride to the hostel, so myself and someone else ventured off to try and find it. It ended up being waaaay closer than expected!! We had a mini photoshoot all around the area, and got some extremely cool pictures! Still exhausted from traveling, we went back to the hostel for some sleep.IMG_5423

Day 16: I’ve been super excited for this day to come ever since I booked the trip, and you’ll see why! 😉 We were planning on starting out with yoga in the mountains while watching the sunrise, but the grass was too dewy, so we couldn’t. We had a short ride back to Lucerne, where half of our day was free time. We got lunch and tried to do some souvenir shopping, but everything is so darn expensive!! Next up was the trip up the Swiss Alps! This was EASILY one of my favorite parts of the entire trip. We rode the steepest train in Europe up to the top of Mt. Pilatus, and had free time to take pictures, walk trails, and just take in the view.IMG_5632 It’s moments like these that you truly realize how small you and your problems are. Unfortunately, even great things have to come to an end, so we rode in tiny cable cars back down the mountain, and went back to Engleberg for our last night in Switzerland. Once we got back, we ate dinner, went grocery shopping, and went for one last walk around the lake. This was truly one of my favorite countries. I didn’t want to leave!

NEXT STOP: Florence!

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