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Pre-trip Tips!

If you’re planning a trip, this is the perfect blog post for you!

    1. My #1 go-to tip is to make lists! All kinds of lists! Packing lists, bucket lists, to-do lists, and more! Lists help me stay organized. And don’t you just feel extremely productive when you can cross things off of your list?!
    2. RESEARCH! Know where you’re going! Don’t get me wrong, you don’t necessarily have to plan anything before you go. Sometimes it’s nice to wander around and see what you find. It’s still nice to know what options are available though. You might find things through research that, otherwise you may have never known about. Who wants to miss out on incredible opportunities?!
    3. Make a travel playlist! If you’re like me and can’t get through a day without listening to music, this is an important one. In this playlist, include songs that you’ve heard on past trips and songs that make you think of travel in general. When you come back home and you’re desperately wishing for one more day in paradise, this playlist is a surefire way to make the memories come rushing back and make you feel like you’re on the road again. My travel playlist never fails to brighten a bad day. (My favorite songs on my playlist can be found here.)
    4. SAVE YOUR MONEY! It’s so easy to spend a few bucks here and there and think nothing of it, but that money adds up so fast! When I’m tempted to do unnecessary spending before I leave, I try to keep in mind what I can do with that money on the upcoming trip. I tend to gravitate toward spending my money on experiences rather than things. It makes for a much better stories, and a much better life.
    5. Check into international phone plans through your provider or others! They can get extreeeemely expensive, so definitely do your research. If you want to unplug on vacation and just use wifi, that’s great! Personally, I prefer to have some type of phone plan just in case there’s an emergency!

Feel free to comment some of your favorite pre-trip tips! I’d love to hear what you do to prepare for an upcoming trip!


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