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Flying High

Hello from Thailand!!

I’ve finally arrived! We can’t check into our hotel until 2pm and it’s not even 9 am yet, so I’m writing this post to kill some time.

My trip started out great! My first flight, though only an hour long, was probably the best one. I got upgraded to Delta Comfort (shoutout to Delta), which meant extra leg room and an cushy seat!

The first layover was interesting! I had to switch terminals to catch my next flight, and although I was following all the employees’ directions, I’m pretty sure I ended up in a restricted area. Oops! And then this little old Korean lady sat at a table with me and offered to share her fruit with me, because mine was all gone! I couldn’t understand a word of what she was getting at, but her gestures helped! It made my day!! 🙂

The next flight, the long, dreaded 14 hour one, was just as bad as it sounds. Airplane food makes me very very very sick and I had a window seat. I felt terrible for the people sitting next to me, but I’d rather them be annoyed at my constant getting-up than if I were to throw up in my seat!

The next layover, in Seoul, was the most beautiful airport I’ve ever been in! Super calm and quiet too!

I slept extremely peacefully on my third flight (4 of the 6 hours), so it wasn’t too shabby at all, and went extremely fast! Upon arrival in Bangkok, we had some issues finding our driver and waited 2 hours for him in the wee hours of the morning. We were extremely paranoid that we’d miss our next flight to Phuket, because it was quite a ways away! We made it on time, thank goodness! Luckily it was 3am and there wasn’t much traffic.

The next few days I’ll be touring the islands in the South of Thailand!

Talk to you soon!!

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