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Thailand’s Prettiest Temples

When going to Thailand, especially Bangkok, most tourists will visit the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, etc. As someone who lived in Thailand for nearly four months, I can tell you honestly that some of the best temples are free!! I’m not discouraging you from visiting those popular temples. You can spend your money however you choose, but as an unemployed college student, I preferred to save my money.

Wat Pha Sorn Kaew

Also known as “Temple on the Glass Cliff”

Cost: Free!!!

Made up of more than 5 million pieces of broken glass and pottery, this was by far the most beautiful temple I’ve been to! The best part? It’s primarily known by the locals and not the tourists! (Shh!)

Tiger Cave Temple

Cost: Free!!!

If you like hiking, this one’s for you! To get to the top, you’ll need to climb 1,237 steps (some of them more than a foot tall)! Worth it? Yes, not only for the view, but also for the sense of pride and satisfaction you get when you reach the top!

Sukhothai Historical Park

Cost: 350 THB. (approx. $9 USD)

This one is on the more expensive side (still cheaper than the touristy ones in Bangkok), but well worth the cost if you’re into historical stuff. You could also spend hours here just roaming around which, in my opinion, helps justify the cost. There are a number of temples within the park!

Big Buddha

Cost: Free!!!

This one feels like more of a landmark than a temple, but there is a temple located under the Buddha. Also, in the temple, there’s a sign that teaches you how to properly meditate like a Buddhist would. It may not seem that exciting, but it was honestly one of my favorite moments of the trip, because it forced me to slow down for a minute and really appreciate where I was. You can also get blessed by a Buddhist Monk for a small donation, if you choose to.

Have you ever been to any temples? If so, comment below! Which one was your favorite?

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