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An Open Letter to Instagram-ers

If you’ve been on Instagram anytime within the last year, you’ve probably noticed a very annoying trend: the unfollowing.

You open up Instagram on your phone, see you’ve gained 10 followers, and do a little happy dance. You may or may not choose to follow them back, but either way, those followers are gone the next day. What the heck?!

I’m not sure if this happens in all niches, but I’ve noticed that it’s very common among the travel niche. It seems that everyone is just in it for the fame and the big following, rather than real, genuine followers. If you want to direct more traffic to your account, there are other ways! I promise you!

One of my favorite ways of doing this is liking people’s photos. I start by picking a fellow travel blogger/instagram-er (if you want to get real fancy, pick one that follows you. I’ll get into why in a minute.) Then, I go through each of their followers and like three of their photos. Three photos always seems to be just enough to catch their attention, without overdoing it. Instagram also does this cool thing: when you click on someone’s profile, it’ll show you which of the people you follow that also follow this person. (Sorry if that’s confusing?) For example: You follow @travel123. A random account likes your photos. You’re intrigued, so you go to this random account’s profile, and see @travel123 follows this person as well! Make sense? I’ve noticed a higher engagement rate with this simple technique, and even if accounts don’t follow you, many of them still have the courtesy to like your photos back. So what’s there to lose?

Don’t have a ton of time? That’s okay! I usually try to dedicate 15-20 minutes to doing it. Any longer than that and you’re at risk of Instagram investigating your account for liking too many photos.

Many popular bloggers have also said that meaningful comments on photos works well, but for me, it took way more time and resulted in way less engagement.

I’m not trying to be rude or tell you what to do. The goal of this blog post is to simply make you aware of the fact that the majority of people looking for genuine followers and engagement find it very annoying when they get unfollowed.

I’ll leave you with this simple rule: Don’t follow someone unless you’re genuinely interested in the content they post. It makes for a better Instagram feed, as well as more engaging and (I cannot stress this enough) GENUINE followers.

Have a happy day, wherever you are in the world!


P.S. My fellow travel bloggers/travel instagram-ers, do you have this problem too? How can we fix it? How would you suggest growing your Instagram following? Comment below!

6 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Instagram-ers

  1. I am relatively new to Instagram and have been trying to figure out how to increase my following. I love your idea and this totally makes sense to me. Thank you so much for the helpful tip! I am going to start doing this and see where it takes me!

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